Manitoba’s Best Fireworks

CanFire Pyrotechnics is Manitoba’s largest supplier of fireworks and pyrotechnics supplies.

When you choose CanFire Pyrotechnics Ltd, you choose quality, safety, reliability and therefore total peace of mind. So look no further for your firework needs.

CanFire Pyrotechnics guarantees crowd-pleasing displays and spectacular fireworks with our incredible variety of effects. We produce events, large and small, that have been enjoyed by a large number of Manitoba communities. We offer a fantastic inventory of high quality fireworks. Therefore, your night sky will be filled with amazing sights!

A little about CanFire Pyrotechnics Ltd.…

Even with today’s technological advances, CanFire pyrotechnicians still hand pick every shell to ensure that each show is unique. As one of Manitoba’s largest fireworks companies, CanFire provides the greatest variety of “special effect shells” from the finest fireworks manufacturers around the world.

Whatever your event, from a traditional Canada Day celebration to a Winter Fireworks Festival, the CanFire design team will create an original concept designed to suit your venue and most importantly, to suit you! Whether it be for a private celebration or a major event, fireworks from CanFire will add color, excitement, sound and spectacle, making the day one to remember. CanFire’s amazing displays always exceed expectations. Read more about us »