About Us

When you choose CanFire Pyrotechnics Ltd, you choose quality, safety, reliability and therefore total peace of mind. So look no further for your firework needs.

CanFire Pyrotechnics Ltd has been in operation as a Manitoba based fireworks display company since 2002. CanFire operates year round, maintaining an extensive inventory of professional and family fireworks. CanFire is committed to the training and hiring of local talent for our crews in order to provide top quality professional service to you, our valued clients.

CanFire Pyrotechnics is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of fireworks, both as an art form and as an industry. CanFire’s owner Peter Palmer has over fourteen years of experience with professional fireworks. Peter has a Canadian Level 2 Supervisor’s license as well as international endorsements and certification, which allows him to participate in professional development opportunities such as festivals, club meetings, training seminars, advanced workshops and annual conventions across Canada and the U.S. As part of these travels it is an ongoing pleasure to meet and work with a wide range of experienced crafts persons, technicians and fireworks enthusiasts.

All CanFire’s shows are personally planned and choreographed by our own people. This way you get the benefit of our experience and the dedication that comes with owning the business with experience.

At CanFire we take pride in being part of festivals that mark significant events with distinction, be they intimate gatherings, community events or nationally linked celebrations. We have been honoured to be part of memorable community events including Canada Day celebrations, Treaty Days and Pow Wows, private parties, annual festivals and theme exhibitions such as the Red River Exhibition.

We specialize in small local events to very large electrically fired and choreographed shows incorporating the latest in product. With fireworks being our only business, we are committed to bringing the best fireworks to our customers year round.

The CanFire team are all skilled technicians with first hand knowledge of our extensive product range imported from around the world. By combining exceptional quality of product and expertise CanFire guarantees that your display will be of the highest safety standard. Our insurers are pleased to support our commitment with public and product liability cover of 5,000,000.

This year we have expanded our PROFESSIONAL LINE (1.3g) to include more than 300 exciting products, from pattern-style aerial shells to multi-shot cakes (for sale to individuals with a Fireworks Supervisor’s Certificate). Our CONSUMER LINE of family fireworks (1.4g) is available year-round for events such as weddings, birthdays and backyard celebrations. Individuals over 18 years of age may legally purchase and use these items (observing local ordinances).

CanFire is dedicated to the contemporary practice of pyrotechnics, including the growth and evolution of new fireworks, techniques and safety enhancements.

At CanFire we are committed to creating and delivering excellent displays for you, our valued customers, providing quality fireworks, equipment and service at competitive prices. From start to finish, our crews produce spectacular shows with heart and soul, so you can simply sit back and ‘experience the art of fire’.

A perfect safety record is worth keeping. We comply with Canadian standards and all Federal regulations, and believe that safety is the best policy. We will ensure that you, all spectators and property are 100% safe. All the necessary approvals and permits are taken care of by CanFire, at no additional charge. We carry significant public and product liability insurance to satisfy the most particular venue owners, and give you peace of mind.